“Tech Talk” (30 min. consultation).

If you would like to request a Tech Talk (consultation), we will come to your location at a greatly reduced rate for 30 minutes to analyze your system and discuss possible changes. In some cases, the tech may be able to begin installation and repair immediately in which case the normal hourly rate will begin at the end of the 30 minute “Tech Talk” time period.

“Hourly Rate”

A minimum of one hour will be charged for on-site service. After the first hour, the remaining time will be billed in quarter-hourly increments.

“Multiple Techs”

If your service requires more than one tech, there will be additional fee for a second tech. (multiple techs are sometimes needed for home theater installations, or if wires need to be run through walls.)

“Service Time”

Tech Dudes makes every effort to give you an accurate estimate of the time it will take to complete your service. Please keep in mind this is only an estimate and if additional time is needed your technician will keep you informed and in the decision making loop regarding any additional charges.

“Drive Time”

Because our hourly prices are based upon a reasonable drive time to your site, you may be charged an additional “drive time” fee if the technician’s drive exceeds this. Please check this map to see where you fall. Again, this is just an estimate – for a more precise estimate, please call us at 405.605.TECH (8324). Or email us at service@techdudes.com

* For your convenience, we accept Cash, Check, or Credit/debit card.

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