Home Theater Services

Consultation (Tech Talk)

If you would like to request a Tech Talk (consultation), we will come to your location for 30 minutes at a greatly reduced rate to analyze your home theater system and discuss possible changes. In some cases, the tech may be able to begin installation and repair immediately in which case the normal hourly rate will begin at the end of the 30 minute “Tech Talk” time period.

Flat Screen T.V. Mounting

So you just bought your brand new flat screen television, or you have had one sitting on your TV stand for a while now, and you are ready to get it up on the wall. With some of our competitors charging hundreds of dollars to mount a television on the wall, we understand why you have been putting it off. Let Tech Dudes mount your TV and pay less than half as much as our competitors charge! Our specialists will run all your audio and video cabling down the wall to your TV stand or entertainment center. Call now to set up a time and finally get that flat screen TV where it belongs; on the wall!

Speaker Mounting

Now that you have your new surround sound system, where are you going to place the speakers? And where are you going to run the wires? Let Tech Dudes run the speaker wire through your walls and mount your speakers to give your home theater the sound it deserves. Mounting the speakers and angling them correctly can greatly improve the sound quailty of your surround sound system. Tech Dudes will also configure your sound system to put out a balanced sound so neither the front or the rear speakers are overpowering the others.

Remote Control Programming

Remote control programming can be quite a hassle. The average home contains at least 2 to 3 remotes to control all the devices in their home theater system. What most people don’t know is that most of the time they can control all of their devices with one single Universal Remote – and more often than not, they already have a Universal Remote laying around. Tech Dudes can program your Universal Remotes so that you can control nearly all of your devices from one single remote – so you no longer have to worry about losing remotes or trying to remember which remote controls which device.

*For all services not listed, please feel free to call us at 405.605.TECH (8324) or email us by filling out this form.

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